Whether it's a corporate meeting or an intimate family gathering, Duka Bay Resort has the right space to make any event memorable...

Picnic area

The picnic area is a wide spaces where people can rent several huts in different kind of sizes with dining tables and benches. We offer various services to satisfy different customers. LEARN MORE

Dive sites

The ultimate destination for scuba diving on the most spectacular coral reefs, one of the best sites in Mindanao. Divers will find everything they need to explore the resort's rich marine life. LEARN MORE


Whenever your appetite kicks in, Duka Bay Resort's Pavilion restaurant is the place to satisfy it with a truly relaxing atmosphere. We have everything from fine dining to casual dining. LEARN MORE

Conference hall

Organizing conferences and events here is most practical and convenient. The conference hall can host 100 people. The conference hall is located on the ground floor of the spacious condotel. LEARN MORE