Duka Bay Resort has three exciting dive sites -- all thriving coral communities with colorful fish and other marine life.

The first site is 10 to 110 feet below the surface and is called the Paradise Garden. It has a crater with canyons and overhangs.

The Aquarium Garden is 90 feet deep and is populated with black corals. It also has a freshwater spring spurting out of the sea floor. Rich with nutrients, the spring attracts residential and pelagic fish.

The Japanese Garden is only 60 deep but its beauty is unforgettable.

For access to these sites and divng rates, see Scuba Tours.

Scuba Diving Services

Divers One Dive Two Dives Three Dives
One to three divers ***
Four or more divers***

Our dive sites are in a declared Marine Protected Area (MPA), so we strongly recommend divers to avail the services of a dive guide.